Igor Beuker Headline Keynote Speaker — Deep Tech Atelier Conference Special

During the Deep Tech Atelier conference 2021 in Riga, Latvia, I was pleased to be their headline keynote speaker. The entrepreneurship conference is focused on science commercialization, Med-Tech, Space-Tech, and Startups.

Deep Tech Atelier 2021 was a virtual conference live-streamed to 40+ countries. The conference is hosted by Latvia’s Investment and Development Agency (LIAA).

People for the first time here might think: Who are you? And why do you do what you do?

Well, I was kicked out of professional football and expelled from University. Back at ground zero at age 25. Meet a misfit on a mission.

25 years later, I am pushing big dreams into action, spurring massive cultural and technological change, and inspiring millions of entrepreneurs to be a force of good. I’m a futurist, public speaker, and a cause artist. I have made 5 exits, and I back 24 social enterprises.

I love to launch Tech to do good and NFT to do good programs for artists, athletes, brands, and events. We help them move beyond Fans on Lease and own their IP and fan relationships.

In this summary, we release our keynote special for you. Get inspired by four pieces of video content. All released at once in this story.

What can you learn from this series of talks?

Get inspiration and ideas to help you achieve your goals, conquer your fears, live your dreams.

Your life and business transformation could start here.

Deep Tech Atelier Conference Special — Headline Keynote Speaker Igor Beuker

We start the special with a controversial content snippet: The Great Reset or the Great Acceleration? Technology can empower or control society. If you can imagine the future, you can create it. What do we want?

The censoring of content during the pandemic by the big tech syndicate is a severe threat to our modern-day society and democracies. We think…

IgorBeuker | Speaker | Futurist | Cause Artist

Live on stage, top marketing innovation keynote speaker, futurist & cause artist. Backstage, entrepreneur with 5 exits and I back 24 social enterprises.