The best-paid athlete of 2020 is UFC MMA legend, Conor McGregor. When ‘pandemic life’ hit athletes hard, Conor got back up and said: “You hit like a bitch.” Next, the Notorious MMA knocked out the pandemic.

For the first time ever Irish mixed martial artist, Conor McGregor is the highest-paid athlete in the world. In 2020, the controversial athlete raked in $180 million.

The pandemic may have sidelined athletes or forced them to play to empty seats, Conor McGregor proved 2020 was just as financially competitive as years prior.

Curious how Conor did it? Discover what artists and athletes can…

The pandemic pushed OnlyFans economics to a staggering 120 million fans who spent a sloppy $2.3 billion in transactions last year. OnlyFans isn’t only for sex workers and porn stars anymore. It has become Hollywood’s pandemic side hustle.

You can compare it to the Zoom or Netflix effect. Companies that both realized massive subscription growth during the pandemic.

Lockdown love seems no different. Of course not, sex sells. Always. However, what would we see if we were a bit less judgmental? If we would look at it with an open mind?

Every saint has a past, and every sinner has…

Seaspiracy: The Controversial Oceans Documentary On Netflix

Being a social innovation speaker and an ocean activist, I couldn’t wait to see Seaspiracy — the controversial Oceans documentary on Netflix. Seaspiracy is not only exposing the global fishing industry and slavery in the seafood industry.

The documentary premiered on Netflix on 24 March 2021. The thought-provoking film also uncovers part of the Ocean’s political problems, doubtful NGOs, and alarming global corruption.

Since the release, Seaspiracy generated massive buzz and emotional reviews from several sides.

In the film, we also see Dr. Sylvia Earle. I have had the pleasure to share stages and sessions with her several times. …

Social Audio App Clubhouse: Trend Or Unicorn That Will Fade To Black Soon?

Being an international speaker, I get a lot of questions about social audio app Clubhouse: Is the fresh Unicorn a trend, or is it a hype that will fade to black soon? Great questions that I will try to answer here for you.

I love to share strategic insights, contextual intelligence, and to make predictions. In this story, I will talk about the future of Social Audio and Clubhouse in particular.

Before I deep dive into Clubhouse, I will share my vision on the future of social audio. So first some contextual intelligence.

Video Killed The Radio Star — But Will Video Kill The Digital Audio Star?

Remember the famous hit by The Buggles…

Our trust in societal leaders, politicians, and media hits rock bottom. The yearly Edelman Trust Barometer 2021 is alarming and shocking.

As a global speaker, social innovator, futurist, and parent, I’m worried sick. Why?

The world of vanity metrics, likes, and influencers is making younger people lose their minds. We need authentic caring role models. I don’t mean Kim’s Ass or Kanye.

I mean trusted leaders with ethics. Who walk the talk. We need role models with generosity gene and a cause, greater than themselves.

I’m curious how you feel about it?

A Summary Of The Edelman Trust Barometer 2021

The 21st edition of the report is out…

Netflix Documentary The Social Dilemma about the doom and gloom of Big Tech, was on my watchlist. On 9 September 2020, the film was finally available on Netflix, and clear to me is that director Jeff Orlowski will make his impact on humanity again.

Opinions on Orlowski’s recent docu might differ. But the filmmaker certainly has a purpose or True North Star. In his 2012 film Chasing Ice, he captured the devastating effects of climate change on melting glaciers. In 2017, Orlowski launched Chasing Coral about the erosion of our coral reefs.

His latest film, The Social Dilemma, takes aim…

Post COVID Economy: Trends Marketers & Social Innovators Can Coin.

All marketers and social innovators around the globe are all looking for trends they can ride to manage the post COVID economy. I’ve been sharing my foresight last few months in virtual keynotes, interviews in media and talk shows.

While the current world situation is disrupting our lives and businesses, and in many areas accelerating digital transformation, marketing and innovation are now more important than ever. Peter Drucker must think: “I’ve told you so many times before”.

It was about time to put my fans first and to share this summary with you guys. I have curated and mixed up…

Podcast Popularity Will Be Off The Charts By 2025

Digital audio and podcast popularity have been part of my keynote speeches. In these talks, I showed how podcasting is finally taking off, and why podcasts will be off the charts by 2025.

I curated my talks for several industries and summarized them for you in this long read. My message to you? Podcasting will be big business. How big? Podcast emperor Joe Rogan made $30 million in 2019.

What are you going to do? Go big, go niche or go home?

Remember Sony’s Walkman? The MP3 Player? Apple’s Comeback with the iPod?

Some of you veterans might still remember the Sony Walkman in 1979? Maybe the launch of the MP3…

Tel Aviv-based Brightmerge, the SaaS platform for optimizing renewable energy microgrids, has appointed Igor Beuker to join its advisory board. Beuker will support the company’s drive into scaling its marketing and innovation programs.

Brightmerge CEO and founder Daniel Schwab: Pleased That Igor Beuker Joins Our Advisory Board

Brightmerge CEO and founder Daniel Schwab: “I have worked with Igor in the past and he is a man who pushes big dreams into action, spurring massive cultural and technological change. A recognized social entrepreneur who’s giving back to humanity, and I’m convinced Igor will be able to help us to achieve our mission.”

Igor Beuker: “I’m really excited to work with Brightmerge because it’s a highly…

Humanity & Social Innovation

Satellites For Humanity

Big Tech billionaire social entrepreneurs Bill Gates and Pierre Omidyar (eBay founder) are joining forces to release Radiant Earth with its new Earth imagery platform aimed to help policymakers, researchers, and journalists to use satellite images to serve humanity.

The Radiant Earth platform offers instant and secure, free access to Earth observation data to help the global development community apply the data to real-world problems.

Not love, but intelligence is in the air.

Will The Big Tech Billions Support UN Global Sustainable Development Goals?

Sure, we can complain about Big Tech, and we should lock up repeat offenders, but Jeff Bezos this week also announced to pledge…


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